Hornblende thin section

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81 Hornblende Amphibole: blue-green hornblende, in garnet-grade metagabbro. The amphibole displays classic 60 o -120 o cleavage angles.

81 Hornblende Amphibole: blue-green.

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Longitudinal sections are roughly rectangular and show only one cleavage direction.

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Three thin sections of the sampled hornblendites were selected for in-situ chemical analysis via LA-ICP-MS.

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- The larger laths (2-4 mm long) are strongly zoned.


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Minute quartz inclusions are also found in garnet and hornblende (Figure 5f).

Hornblende in Thin Section Thin Section GigaPans.

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An andesitic lava with hornblende and plagioclase phenocrysts.

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Darwin wrote "Greenstone with mica (& quartz veins) forming mass of hill, cutting through & overlying slate (fine crystals of hornblende; many scales of mica; crystals of albite but two macles; numerous specks of pyrites; heavy compact rock, coarsely crystallized".


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6, and is typically an opaque green, dark green, brown, or black color.

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Crossing the polars reveals that the plagioclase is twinned and has 1st-order white to black colors.

Fact sheet.

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Tremolite and actinolite are also common alteration product of pyroxenes and hornblende known as uralite.

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Hornblende is a rock-forming mineral that is an important constituent in acidic and intermediate igneous rocks such as granite, diorite, syenite, andesite, and rhyolite.

Figure 5.

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Hornblende in plane.

Color: Dark green to black, greenish-brown, more rarely lighter green.

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Amphiboles; Double-chain Silicates.

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7 cm.


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Hornblende and augite are often confused.

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L120 thin section, cross-polarised light
Desio" Earth Science Department in Milan (Italy)
PPL image, 2x (Field of view = 7mm) Plagioclase (with thin sieve texture on the rim) and Hornblende crystals in a Andesite
The field of view is 2
It is a thin section of basalt with some secondary mineralization in the vesicles